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Dispenser Premius
The Dispenser Premius is a new media with the function of a practical dispenser, able to optimize the spaces on the workbench.
The tool is a highly evolved hardware-software device that operates in Wi-Fi.
It is equipped with an 8 “HD display, capable of capturing the attention of the consumer, in a discreet and elegant way, when waiting.
All the devices are equipped with:
·         operation alert;
·         closing day setting;
·         automatic on and off;
·         monitoring through geo-localized control;
·         remote access for assistance and updating;
Within a bar, it has the function of a practical dispenser of sugar sachets and napkins, capable of replacing the bulky and unsightly containers usually found on the administration counter.
Within the beauty sector, it has the function of a modern working tool capable of hosting small tools and a central sterilizer, or alternatively, a practical courtesy service for mobile phone recharging.
Within pharmacies, it has the function of a modern multimedia dispenser created to assist activities and to display products subject to impulse purchase in an unconventional way.
Available colours: White / Black
The Dispenser Premius is protected by intellectual property rights, and it is covered by various patents.
The Premius Dispenser does not have a sound card.
It is a new sugar dispensing system that allows you to have space on your bar counter while optimising consumption and management tank to its convenient patented refills. SUGARI' is an innovative advertising means that for each commercial screened in your bar makes you earn as well. An extraordinary tool that for the first time ever turns a cost into a profit. SUGARI' is protected by several international patents. It is fully customisable, from the continuous roll of sugar sachets, to the side panels of the dispenser. It also allows advertising films to be displayed on the front screen of the dispenser to promote companies, products, novelties and to communicate directly with customers.

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