The Gate 369

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Company Profile
THE GATE 369 FZ-LLC operates with local and global knowledge in Petrochemical field. Thanks to close collaboration with our partners, we are focused on developing a World Class portfolio of Commodities and Services designed to address the emerging needs.
Our leadership is made by strong management and top level individuals with expertise ranging from marketing, trade, consultancy and finance. The management has access to the right information at the right time to make effective decisions, from oil price forecast to market analysis.
We strive to create and nurture a sustainable environment of International Business by assisting and enabling our partners to efficiently connect and exchange specific solutions and products across the Globe thereby building an ecosystem of trust and growth.
To be a reliable benchmark for Services, Knowledge and Products and provide the best solutions that enhance and build the sinergy between Customer and Supplier.
Through our expertise as business consultant we help Petrochemical companies to develop strategies to pursue growth and create value optimizing their business to capture the potential of a volatile environment.
We have a decade experience in facilitating the trade and import/export business of Chemicals, Petroleum, Fertilizer, Aromatics, Polymers and Liquid Gas and the introduction of new tecnology and commodities in various sectors.
For us achieving EXELLENCE is not just a choice, it's a Lifestyle.
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