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Totem Premius
We are Commercial Office in Middle East and CIS countries of one of the Italian Media company leader in the advertisment which has reinvented the way to communicate reaching in a very fluid and technological way  to the final consumers.

The Totem Premius and the Dispenser Premius are the new systems to communicate every kind of audience, at the right moment and in the right place.
Premius allows the best businesses to achieve higher visibility, both in the off-line world and in the online world, through unique tools, which are certified, patented and thanks to tailor-made digital services.
A real workstation, highly technological, which operates in the net with extreme simplicity.
The Totem Premius is equipped with a 42” Full HD display to which a PC for remote multimedia content management has been integrated.
Moreover, in commercial points with a high turnout of clients, Totem Premius is implemented with a digital code eliminator, which visually guarantees more attention from the waiting consumer.
All the devices are equipped with:
• operation alert;
• closing day setting;
• automatic on and off;
• monitoring through geo-localized control;
• remote access for assistance and updating;
Available colours: White / Black
The Totem Premius is realized with a column structure for ground installations.
The peculiarity that makes the Totem Premius unique and innovative is that 90% of the on-board electronics are incorporated inside a removable box.
This box, for simplicity called “Totem Box,” is protected by intellectual property rights and patented in shape, size and use.
Installed in the rear of the Totem Premius is the Totem Box, which has been designed to be easily removable and portable from its’ place, for a possible replacement due to damage, even by an ordinary non-expert person and without the aid of any equipment.
In order for the Totem Premius to function, the box should be connected, via a power cable, to the 230 VAC mains socket, through a Cat 6 ethernet cable to the LAN for the reception of digital data transmitted remotely by the central server. The Premius Operations Center, using a powerful management platform, processes, and manages the informative, multimedia, and personalized contents of the templates to be conveyed to each Totem connected to the network.

For us achieving EXELLENCE is not just a choice, it's a Lifestyle.
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